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Why Go Solar for Your Business?

Many businesses go solar because not only do they contribute to saving the environment, but more importantly, solar energy has given back to them high returns on their investment through future savings. Depending on your business's unique energy usage, API helps corporations to achieve the following benefits:

  • Huge electricity savings
  • Potential coverage for all your business's power needs
  • Socially responsible energy expenditure through sustainable and renewable electricity

The cost of electricity in the United States has a huge potential to rise in the future, but by going solar, your cost of energy can be fixed and much lower. Based on the EIA's historical data and projections, average retail electricity prices have grown over 45% in the past decade and are predicted to continue to grow in the future at an annual rate of 3%.

Harness the Sun!
Renewable Energy, Saving Today for a Better Tomorrow

Benefits of Commercial Solar Power

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Through special government incentives on commercial solar projects, API will make sure companies receive the right governmental support based on each company's unique situation. Incentives include: federal and state tax rebates, NYSERDA installation incentives and SRECs, and more.

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High Return on Investment

Through API's customized design, we make sure our clients achieve the highest return on investment. We always maximize the use of available rooftop space, and in some cases, companies can sell any extra electricity produced through the solar system back to their utility company, by installing a two-way meter that enables the building owner to send electricity back to the grid.

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Building a good image for your community

Today, social corporate responsibility is a big focus. The use of solar energy is a sustainable solution to the energy challenges of today. Not only do solar energy systems generate energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions, but by installing solar, your company is taking responsibility to mitigate and manage its full range of social and environmental impacts.

Your Social Impact

A 500,000 kWh annual production system can reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to:
9,107 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
333 acres of US forests in one year
374,967 pounds of coal burned
39,540 gallons of gasoline consumed

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By going solar, you are achieving a social and environmental impact of more than just zero greenhouse emissions. These social and environmental impacts also include respecting the human rights of workers, ensuring the rights of your communities, and more.