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Why Go Solar?

  • Save Money
  • Easy, Fast Installation
  • Better Future

Accord Power increases your solar savings by designing your solar system specifically based on your electricity needs and we provide the best financing options according to your tax returns. You may choose to purchase, to purchase with a loan, or enter into a PPA lease.

Accord Power provides a one-stop shop for our solar customers, from design to house inspection, and from installation to maintenance. Our customers do not need to worry about a single step in the installation process. Our experienced engineering team will finish the work carefully and efficiently.

Accord Power's well designed solar system provides both customers and the next generation a better future, by saving on electricity costs for better uses, and by reducing carbon emissions to the environment.

How will Solar Save You Money? With ZERO Down Payment and ZERO Out of Pocket?

  • Qualified homeowners can purchase their solar electric system with the help of a Solar Loan through one of API's financing partners
  • The Solar Loan is designed to allow homeowners to power their homes with solar without having to pay for anything up front
  • The API Solar program helps homeowners start saving money from the day the solar PV system is turned on
  • API is committed to helping homeowners reduce their carbon emissions as well as their electricity bills so they can spend their hard earned money on other important things, like a family vacation or saving for college tuition

Start Saving TODAY! Call to See What You Can Save.

Today With API Solar
Avg. Utility Payment* (% Utility Bill Offset) $164.88 $0.01
+ Solar Loan Payment $0.00 $291.18
- Est. SREC Revenues *** $0.00 ($220.00)
Average Monthly Payment $164.88 $71.19
Average Monthly Savings % Savings $164.88 0.0% $71.19 56.8%

* Excludes monthly basic service fees which vary by utility. Please review your utility bill for applicable basic service charges

*** It may take up to 6 months from the date of installation to receive your first SREC depending on inspection scheduling and administrative processing times that may vary. Estimated SREC revenues reflect average monthly value for the first eligible period. SREC value estimates are determined based on trailing spot prices for the current year and are projected to decrease at a rate of 8% per year by API. Estimated SREC revenues in this proposal is based on API estimates and does not represent a guarantee or floor price. The market value of SRECs is inherently volatile.

Harness the Sun!
Renewable Energy, Saving Today for a Better Tomorrow

Benefits of Solar Power

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Increased property value

The reduced or eliminated energy bill is very attractive to potential home buyers. Solar panels also absorb and reflect sunlight, reducing the heat exposure to your roof, and extending its life.

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Subsidies can help cover cost

State and federal government agencies are being pushed to assist the burgeoning green market, meaning the cost of solar is lower than it ever! For example, you can claim up to 30% of the total installation expense on your tax returns.

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Attractive return on investment

The cost of energy has been steadily rising at nearly 3% every year since 2000. Installing solar energy panels shields you from this yearly price hike, and solar can pay for itself in just a few short years.

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Lower your carbon footprint

Fossil fuels account for 85% of the current US energy consumption. Burning these fossil fuels directly affects the air we breathe and is responsible for a host of issues plaguing the environment. Solar energy has zero emissions, so make your community cleaner by switching to solar.

Residential Installation Samples

Great Neck, NY
Estimated or Actual Annual savings: $3,120 First Year Saving
Oakland Gardens, NY
Estimated or Actual Annual savings: $2,177 First Year Saving
Fresh Meadows, NY
Estimated or Actual Annual savings: $2,127 First Year Saving
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